API Overview

General Information

Any api call should set UserAgent header to describe its origin.

For Android applications value should start with 'CREXi-Android' and include client version. Minimum supported version is

For iOS applications value should start with 'CREXi-iOS' and include client version. Minimum supported version is

For iOS-broker application value should start with 'CREXi-iOS-broker' and include client version. Minimum supported version is

API Methods


POST token

OAuth token endpoint

Account API

GET account

Get the authenticating user’s info.

PATCH account

Update the authenticating user’s settings. Only the parameters specified will be updated.

POST account

Register a new user

PUT account/accepted-anti-spam-terms

Update "accepted marketing anti spam terms" flag for the current user

GET account/billing

Get billing status of the current user. Includes credit card info and info on active purchases and subscriptions

POST account/billing/credit-cards

Add a credit card

GET account/billing/upcoming-invoice

Get info about upcoming invoice

POST account/billing-requests

Submit a request to upgrade account

POST account/billing-requests/discounts

Submit a request for discount

POST account/browser-verifications

Verify user browser by verification code

PUT account/device-id

Updates the id of the device associated with the user account. Used for push notifications.

PUT account/email

Update user's email. Current password required

PUT account/password

Update user's password. Password reset code or current password required .

PUT account/password-reset

Email a password reset code to the user

DELETE account/roles/{id}

Delete user's role

GET account/stats

Get account stats

POST account/unsubscriptions

Unsubscribe user from notifications

Asset API

GET assets

Get assets with pagination and search

POST assets

Creates a new asset based on provided parameters

DELETE assets/{id}

Remove property

GET assets/{id}

Get asset details

PATCH assets/{id}

Update asset details

GET assets/{id}/asset-data

Get shortened asset details

GET assets/{id}/brokers

Returns the list of asset's brokers

POST assets/{id}/component-views

Track property component views

POST assets/{id}/contact-buyer-messages

Send a message to buyers. Email is sent to buyers defined by BuyerIds parameter.

GET assets/{id}/current-user/status

Returns the status of current logged user in relation to provided asset

GET assets/{id}/eblasts

Get eblasts the property was included into

GET assets/{id}/eblasts/{eblastId}/preview

Get HTML preview of an eblast the property was included into

GET assets/{id}/eblasts/stats

Get eblast stats the property was included into

POST assets/{id}/email-shares

Share an asset via email. One email is sent to each of the clients from the ClientEmails list. Another email is sent to the sender email address.

GET assets/{id}/email-shares/preview

Gets preview of a share message

GET assets/{id}/feed

Get asset's feed

GET assets/{id}/floorplan-users

Get list of user who viewed floorplans

PUT assets/{id}/floorplan-users/{userId}/is-hidden

Remove floorplan user from property dashboard

GET assets/{id}/flyer

Returns asset's flyer for preview (in case it is pdf or image) or download

GET assets/{id}/flyer/users

Returns paged list of users who opened asset's flyer

PUT assets/{id}/flyer/users/{userId}/is-hidden

Hides/shows user who opened asset's flyer

PUT assets/{id}/flyer/users/current-user

Track the event that the current user opened a flyer. For print view flyers only.

GET assets/{id}/followers

Get asset's followers list with pagination

PUT assets/{id}/followers/{userId}/is-hidden

Hides/shows asset's follower

PUT assets/{id}/followers/current-user

Saves or unsaves asset for user.

PUT assets/{id}/gallery

Update asset's media gallery

GET assets/{id}/info-requests

Gets the list of info requests

POST assets/{id}/info-requests

Request an asset info via email. Email is sent to the broker defined by BrokerId parameter.

DELETE assets/{id}/info-requests/{requestId}

Deletes an info request

GET assets/{id}/info-requests/{requestId}

Get info request details with the list of replies

POST assets/{id}/info-requests/{requestId}/replies

Reply to an info request

PUT assets/{id}/is-hidden

Hide property from user's buy list

GET assets/{id}/lead-report

Creates Excel file with lead report content for selected asset

DELETE assets/{id}/lead-report/current-user/schedule

Cancel recurring delivery for lead report

GET assets/{id}/lead-report/current-user/schedule

Get lead report delivery schedule

PUT assets/{id}/lead-report/current-user/schedule

Set up recurrent delivery of a property lead report to the current user

GET assets/{id}/notes

Get asset notes (comments)

POST assets/{id}/notes

Add a new note

DELETE assets/{id}/notes/{noteId}

Delete a note

GET assets/{id}/page-views

Get page view stats for the property

POST assets/{id}/share-access-requests

Invite/share property dashboard access

GET assets/{id}/stats

Get asset's statistics

GET assets/{id}/suites

Get suites

POST assets/{id}/suites

Add a suite

DELETE assets/{id}/suites/{suiteId}

Delete suite

GET assets/{id}/suites/{suiteId}

Get asset suite

PUT assets/{id}/suites/{suiteId}

Update suite

GET assets/{id}/suites/{suiteId}/floor-plans

Returns suite floor plan list for preview (in case it is pdf or image) or download

GET assets/{id}/suites/{suiteId}/floor-plans/{floorPlanId}

Returns original suite floor plan for download by id

PUT assets/{id}/suites/{suiteId}/status

Update suite status

GET assets/{id}/visitors

Returns asset's visitors

PUT assets/{id}/visitors/{userId}/is-hidden

Update IsHidden value for the visitor

PUT assets/{id}/visitors/current-user

Tracking users who visit an asset by Asset Id parameter. Supports tracking from widget.

GET assets/asset-activity-types

Get all available property activity types

GET assets/buy-list

Get all assets the current user is interested in

GET assets/buy-list/alerts

Get the list of buyer alerts

PUT assets/buy-list/alerts/current-user/last-time-viewed

Update date and time of last time the current user viewed buyer alerts

GET assets/buy-list/export

Download a list of all assets the current user is interested in

GET assets/export

Download the list of properties

GET assets/feed
PUT assets/feed/current-user/last-time-viewed

Update date and time of last time the current user viewed activity feed.

GET assets/geo

Returns the list of asset geo coordinates

POST assets/geo/search

Returns the list of asset geo coordinates

GET assets/geo-clustered

Returns the list of clustered asset geo coordinates

GET assets/lead-report

Creates Excel file with lead report content for all assets which the current user sells

POST assets/search

Get assets with pagination and search

GET assets/sell-list

Get all assets the current user sells

GET assets/sell-list/asset-info

Get brief info of all assets the current user sells

Board API

GET boards

Gets the list of user's boards

POST boards

Creates a new board

DELETE boards/{id}

Deletes a board

GET boards/{id}

Gets board details

PUT boards/{id}

Updates board details

GET boards/{id}/assets

Returns board assets

GET boards/{id}/assets/export

Returns board assets

POST boards/{id}/users

Share/invite user to the board

DELETE boards/{id}/users/{userId}

Remove/delete board user

DELETE boards/{id}/users/current-user

Leave/remove board

GET boards/board-info

Gets the list of user's boards

Broker API

GET brokers

Get brokers with pagination and search

GET brokers/{id}

Get broker info by id

CustomPage API

GET custom-pages/{id}

Get custom page details

DemoRequest API

POST demo-requests

Submit a new demo request

EmailList API

GET email-lists

Get email lists which belong to the current user

POST email-lists

Creates an email list with given parameters

DELETE email-lists/{id}

Flag email list as deleted

GET email-lists/{id}

Get email list details

PUT email-lists/{id}

Updates email list

POST email-lists/{id}/cleanup-requests

Clean up an email list

DELETE email-lists/{id}/contacts

Delete email list contacts

GET email-lists/{id}/contacts

Get email list contacts

POST email-lists/{id}/contacts

Add emails to an existing email list

GET email-lists/{id}/contacts/export

Get email list contacts

POST email-lists/{id}/merge-requests

Merge one or more email lists with the destination email list. Remove duplicates.

POST email-lists/{id}/share-access-requests

Share email list

Invitation API

POST invitations

Send invitations to presented emails

Lead API

GET leads

Get all leads

GET leads/{id}

Get lead profile

PATCH leads/{id}/buyer-evaluation

Create or update a buyer evaluation

POST leads/{id}/notes

Add a lead's note

DELETE leads/{id}/notes/{noteId}

Delete a lead's note

PUT leads/{id}/reminder

Set up/ update a reminder

GET leads/{id}/vcard

Download user's contact info as a vCard v3.0

POST leads/contact-messages

Send a message to leads. Email is sent to leads defined by LeadIds parameter.

GET leads/lead-info

Get all leads sorted by name

GET leads/levels-of-interest

Get all available levels of interest for property leads

Location API

GET locations/all-countries

Get all countries

GET locations/cities

Get the list of cities supported by CREXi

GET locations/counties

Get the list of counties supported by CREXi

GET locations/countries

Get all available countries

GET locations/location-info

IAuthorization Get location info

GET locations/states

Get the list of USA states supported by CREXi

GET locations/zip-codes

Get the list of zip-codes supported by CREXi

Lookup API

GET lookups/asset-classes

Get all available asset classes

GET lookups/asset-info

Get asset index info

GET lookups/asset-statuses

Get all available asset statuses

GET lookups/asset-types

Get all available asset types

GET lookups/brokerages

Get all available marketing document types

GET lookups/industry-roles

Get all industry roles

GET lookups/levels-of-interest

Get all available levels of interest for property leads

GET lookups/lot-size-types

Get all available Lot size types

GET lookups/marketing-campaign-types

Get all marketing campaign types

GET lookups/marketing-campaign-url-types

Get all marketing campaign url types

GET lookups/parking-types

Get all available parking types

GET lookups/subtypes

Get subtypes for the provided asset types

GET lookups/suite-lease-terms

Get all available suite lease terms

GET lookups/suite-lease-types

Get all available suite lease types

GET lookups/suite-rate-types

Get all available suite rate types

GET lookups/suite-statuses

Get all available suites statuses

GET lookups/tenancies

Get all tenancies

GET lookups/unit-types

Get all unit-types

GET lookups/used-asset-types

Get list of used property types only.

MarketingCampaign API

GET marketing-campaigns

Gets paged list of marketing campaigns generated by the current user.

POST marketing-campaigns

Create and send/schedule a new marketing campaign

DELETE marketing-campaigns/{id}

Cancel a scheduled campaign

GET marketing-campaigns/{id}

Gets marketing campaign details

PUT marketing-campaigns/{id}

Create and update/send a draft marketing campaign

GET marketing-campaigns/{id}/preview

Gets preview of a share message by marketing campaign id

GET marketing-campaigns/{id}/report

Download marketing campaign report

POST marketing-campaigns/image-templates

Upload campaign template as a pdf document or an image.

GET marketing-campaigns/preview

Gets preview of a share message

GET marketing-campaigns/stats

Gets aggregated marketing campaign stats for all marketing campaigns generated by the current user

Message API

DELETE messages

Bulk delete inbox messages

GET messages

Get user messages

DELETE messages/{id}

Delete message

GET messages/{id}

Get user message by message id

GET messages/{id}/attachments/{fileId}

Download of preview message attachment

PUT messages/{id}/is-read

Flag message as read or unread

POST messages/{id}/replies

Reply to message with id

PUT messages/is-read

Bulk flag inbox messages as read

GET messages/sent

Get sent messages

Pipeline API

GET pipelines

Get the list of pipelines

POST pipelines

Create a pipeline

DELETE pipelines/{id}

Delete a pipeline

GET pipelines/{id}

Get pipeline details

PUT pipelines/{id}

Update pipeline details

GET pipelines/{id}/pipe/{pipeId}/pursuits

Get the list of pursuits in the pipe

GET pipelines/{id}/pipes

Get the list of pipeline's pipes

POST pipelines/{id}/pipes

Add a new pipe to the pipeline

DELETE pipelines/{id}/pipes/{pipeId}

Delete a pipe

PUT pipelines/{id}/pipes/{pipeId}

Update pipe details

PUT pipelines/{id}/pipes/{pipeId}/pursuit-positions

Update positions of all pursuits in the pipe and transfers pursuit if passed pursuitId from another pipe

POST pipelines/{id}/pipes/{pipeId}/pursuits

Add a new pursuit to the pipeline

PUT pipelines/{id}/pipes/positions

Update positions of all pipes in the pipeline

GET pipelines/{id}/pursuits

Get the list of pursuits in the pipeline.

DELETE pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}

Delete a pursuit

GET pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}

Get pursuit details

PATCH pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}

Update pursuit details

PUT pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}

Update pursuit details

POST pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/contact-owner-messages

Send an email to pursuit contacts

GET pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/documents

Get pursuit documents

POST pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/documents

Upload a pursuit document.

DELETE pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/documents/{fileId}

Delete pursuit documents

GET pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/documents/{fileId}/preview

Download one pursuit document for preview

GET pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/notes

Get pursuit notes

POST pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/notes

Create a pursuit note.

DELETE pipelines/{id}/pursuits/{pursuitId}/notes/{noteId}

Delete a pursuit note.

GET pipelines/{id}/stats

Get pipeline stats

POST pipelines/{id}/users

Share/invite users to the pipeline

DELETE pipelines/{id}/users/{userId}

Remove/delete pipeline user

DELETE pipelines/{id}/users/current-user

Leave pipeline

PublicProfile API

GET public-profiles/{id}

Get public profile

SaleRequest API

GET sale-requests

Get the list of asset sale requests (SaleRequestData) submitted by the current user. Exclude sale requests with status = Converted

POST sale-requests

Submit a new asset sale request on behalf of the current user

SavedSearch API

GET saved-searches

Get the list of user's saved searches

POST saved-searches

Creates new Saved Search

DELETE saved-searches/{id}

Delete a saved search.

GET saved-searches/{id}

Get saved search

PUT saved-searches/{id}

Update saved search

PUT saved-searches/{id}/last-time-run

Update saved search


GET seo-info

Get SEO info for a web page by its URL

Settings API

GET settings

Get application settings for login and signup operations

Social API

GET social/yahoo-contacts

A simple proxy method to get Yahoo contacts by Yahoo's oauth2 token

Widget API

GET widgets

Get the list of widgets associated with the current user

GET widgets/{id}

Get widget settings and verify widget access